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U-46 CPI 051: Verbal Intervention (Asynchronous Only) 2122-051-1 is a Course

U-46 CPI 051: Verbal Intervention (Asynchronous Only) 2122-051-1

Ended Apr 23, 2022

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2 PD Hours




Not Required
Course Description

Participants learn about how to identify the various level of social-emotional crises as well as the advised staff response/approach. Content includes modules on the following: 1) CPI Crisis Development Model (learning to identify problematic behaviors and appropriate staff responses/approaches in valid and reliable ways); 2) CPI's Integrated Experience (identifying precipitating factors - or prior trauma, upholding a professional approach); 3) Communication Skills (verbal, paraverbal, nonverbal); 4) Responding to Defensive Behaviors (learning specific verbal patterns to deescalate a crisis and/or prepare for a difficult conversation); 5) Safety Interventions (non-restrictive techniques to ensure student and staff safety); 6) Post-Crisis (learning effective and appropriate restorative measures for students as well as staff)


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Instructor Information

This information in this course comes from Crisis Prevention Institute.  If you have questions about this course, please click here to contact the course organizer.

Course Participant Limit

We have a limited number of licenses for CPI.  Please only enroll in this course if you plan on completing the modules.  Once we reach 200 registrants, the course will be full.  We will do our best to make additional licenses available later in the year.

PD Hour Information

At the end of the asynchronous course, you will receive an email that will allow you to access the PD Hour form with the correct course completion date.  Please see the final module in the course for additional information.