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DUSA PD - March 04, 2022 is a Course

DUSA PD - March 04, 2022

Ended Mar 12, 2022

Full course description


Zoom and Google Meet
Course Description

In this course you will find all of the PD sessions being offered to DUSA Employees


All Secretaries & Level 2 Techs. DUSA Union members 

Instructor Information

This one course represents a wide variety of presenters.  You can read more about the sessions and presenters in the course.  If you have additional questions, please click here to contact the course organizer.

Important Payment/Course Format Information

All DUSA employees are welcome to participate in the March 4th PD. If you are a clerical or a 10-month employee who wishes to attend you MUST report to your building and punch in and out at a time clock. Also, make sure that you are in attendance in the session/s you are joining. Attendance reports will be pulled from each session to verify the time you punched is near the PD session you attended.

If a clerical or 10-month employee wishes to join any of the virtual sessions from home, they are more than welcome to do so but WILL NOT be paid for the time.

Thank you for your time and patience,

DUSA Executive Board & DUSA PD Committee