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Social Studies: Inquiry in the Secondary SS Classroom (Asynchronous) is a Course

Social Studies: Inquiry in the Secondary SS Classroom (Asynchronous)

Ended May 30, 2022

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2.5 PD Hours




Not Required
Course Description

SEHS AP of Innovation will explore questions like: How do we sustain the inquiry? How do we keep the question at the forefront of the work they’re doing?

How will I support my students with accessing and analyzing information to help them answer the question?

What is the relationship between the idea of questions in module 1 and disciplinary concepts in this module?

how much background knowledge is needed to generate questions?

how do students revise/refine questions?

How do I build a collaborative civic space to support students in accessing and analyzing information?


Any Secondary Social Studies Teacher

PD Hour Information

At the end of the asynchronous course, you will receive an email that will allow you to access the PD Hour form with the correct course completion date.  Please see the final module in the course for additional information. 

Instructor Information

This course was created by Ms. Marcella Sheler, AP of Innovation at SEHS.  If you have questions about this course, please click here to contact the instructor.