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Student Wellness: SEL and Physical Education - 9/24, 10:00 AM - 1:15 PM is a Course

Student Wellness: SEL and Physical Education - 9/24, 10:00 AM - 1:15 PM

Ended Sep 27, 2021

Full course description


3 PD Hours




Secondary PE Teachers


Bartlett High School
701 W Schick Rd, Bartlett


Course Description

Northern Illinois Professors who are experts in social and emotional learning (SEL) in physical education and are authors on a new book on this topic endorsed by SHAPE America with host this session specific to SEL in PE.  The session will introduce a framework for SEL with PE, provide practical demonstrations, and discuss the real-life obstacles and challenges you are encountering in this area.  NIU has offered to partner with us on a year-long initiative to support teachers interested in putting these ideas into practice. This SEL initiative aligns with other district priorities and provides concrete strategies to adress issues like teacher burn out, student engagement, culturally responsive pedagogy, mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  


Secondary PE Teachers


Instructor Information

This presentation will be led by NIU Professors.  If you have questions about this course, please click here to contact the instructor.

Course Format Information

This course will take place in person.  All participants must wear a mask at all times and maintain 3' of distance. 

Evaluation and Attendance Information

Evaluation forms for this course will be available for 24 hours after the course has ended.  All evaluation forms must be completed by that time.  Attendance will be taken via sign-in sheet and once the attendance information has been entered into the course, your PD hour form will be available.