NTO 2022: ILP/MLP/EN Elementary Program

Started Jul 20, 2021


Full program description


All Courses and Evaluations 
should be complete by 8/12


In-Person either at Elgin Community College or a U-46 building (usually your home site!)


Required for All
New Staff Members
Program Description

This program will help you get started on your journey with U-46.  You'll attend sessions that provide general information about our district, connect with your building/administration team, and dive into work that will help you plan for a great start to the school year.  This work will be a combination of in-person and asynchronous courses and you'll find all the information you need in Canvas.  Have questions or need help? Let us know!


New ILP/MLP/EN Elementary Teachers


Program Information

The majority of the sessions will take place in person with a few supplementary courses offered asynchronously.  For more information and to see your schedule, please refer back to the NTO site.  Click here for directions to  Elgin Community College (ECC).  If you need some help navigating how to access your courses from the program in Catalog, click here. 

Program Format Information

The majority of training will take place in person either at Elgin Community College or in a U-46 Building (Usually your home site).  There will be a few pieces of asynchronous training for you to complete throughout the week.  

Payment and PD Hour Information

You will be paid for your attendance at NTO.  You can read more specifics about the payment process here. Since you will receive hourly pay, the PD Hours you receive for each of your sessions will not be eligible for submission to the Professional Credit Tracking System.  They can be entered into ISBE/ELIS system for PD Hours you need to renew your licensure.  For additional information about this process, click here.