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TMP Year 1 (2021-2022): Asynchronous Course is a Course

TMP Year 1 (2021-2022): Asynchronous Course

Started Jul 23, 2021


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1.5 PD Hours




Not Required
Course Description

Welcome to the TMP 2021-2022 TMP: Year 1 Asynchronous Course

Each task in this asynchronous course will guide the completion of your requirements for the TAP Portfolio and the TMP

Although the guidance for each requirement is in this canvas course, you will upload your requirements into the Mentor Matching Site.  Since the TAP Portfolio is part of the appraisal process for the Teacher Appraisal Plan, your TAP Portfolio will move from the Mentor Matching Site to the Online Appraisal System at the start of your second year.  This allows you are your appraiser to be able to view the contents of your TAP Portfolio. 


All Year 1 Participants (BNT's and ENT's) in the U-46 TMP Program

PD Hour Information

At the end of the asynchronous course, you will receive an email that will allow you to access the PD Hour form with the correct course completion date.  Please see the final module in the course for additional information. 

Course Format Information

This asynchronous course uses mainly written descriptions and provides helpful links.  The goal of the course is both to introduce you to concepts and be a resource that you can return to throughout the school year.  If you run into issues with the functionality of the course, please contact us. 


Payment and PD Hour Information

 Since you will receive hourly pay for participation in this course, the PD Hours you receive will not be eligible for submission to the Professional Credit Tracking System.  They can be entered into ISBE/ELIS system for PD Hours you need to renew your licensure.  For additional information about this process, click here. 

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