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Willard PD: Empower Learner Growth Training - 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 3 - 4 PM is a Course

Willard PD: Empower Learner Growth Training - 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 3 - 4 PM



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3 PD Hours (1 Per Session)




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Course Description

Empower Learner Growth (formally known as Student Evidence Tracker).  This technology is designed to decrease the daily learning gap by providing a formative assessment routine for teachers and students to monitor and verify student learning. 

Day 1 – Enhancing Formative Assessment within a Lesson

  • Articulate value, purpose, and logistics of formative assessment
  • Input/Identify Learning Target and Success Criteria for upcoming lesson/group of lessons in the LSI Tracker
  • Make an assessment plan (formative and summative) for an upcoming lesson/group of lessons 

Day 2 – Teacher Routines for Verifying Learning

  • Determine why, when, and how to verify student evidence
  • Implement teacher routines for verifying student evidence in the classroom
  • Discuss possible uses of this evidence for learning

Day 3 – Student Routines for Tracking Progress

  • Explain and give examples of student evidence to be tracked
  • Determine student responsibilities and routines for tracking progress in the LSI Tracker
  • Set up and implement routines to support students to ensure success


Willard Teachers


Instructor Information

This presentation will be led by Kirstie Lickliter.  

Course Format Information

This meeting will take place via Zoom. Please join with your U-46 laptop.

Evaluation and Attendance Information

Evaluation forms for this course will be available for 24 hours after the course has ended.  All evaluation forms must be completed by that time.  Attendance will be taken via sign-in sheet and once the attendance information has been entered into the course, your PD hour form will be available. 

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